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Wildomar Senior Assisted Living
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 by Sandy Renfrow
Very Special Place

We moved my parents here November 2017. Dad had a stroke and the beginnings of dementia. Mom had back and breathing problems. Dad protested a little but loved everyone there even though he couldn't tell them. Mom did not have to take care of the daily living chores anymore. She also loved everyone and appreciated them. I can tell you that not having to worry about my parents every single moment everyday was the best gift anyone could give me. I knew they were safe and well cared for. The surroundings are beautiful and the staff are AMAZING! God Bless everyone that works at Wildomar Senior Assisted Living. I don't know what I would have done without these VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE... Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

 by Elise Wakefield
Compassionate Staff

There are just so MANY wonderful things to say about Wildomar Senior Living!! During Covid I was forced to find a place for my aunt and uncle. They couldn't have been any happier then being together in such a wonder place. They need more care than i could provide and Wildomar Senior Living welcomed them with open arms!! They calmed my nerves and answered all if my questions. They where a blessing in my time of need. It is clean, the people are kind, the staff is amazing, the grounds are beautiful and the care is phenomenal.

 by Paul Niehouse
The Perfect place to be.........

After a rehab stint in Sun City my mother "Ellie" asked if she could stay for a month or two at the Wildomar Senior Assisted Living facility. She was skeptical to say the least and wanted to give it a "trial run". That was over three years ago and she LOVES it! Her health was failing when she lived on her own and now she is thriving physically and emotionally. I cannot overstate how caring the staff is, AND the food is great as well.

 by Pam Voll

My Mom had fallen and had to be taken to the hospital right at the start of Covid last year. They sent her to rehab, but she never bounced back. She stayed in the nursing home which was awful! They never got her out of bed and she was so isolated. Of course she wasn't able to see family because of Covid. I know it affected her and how she felt about things. We knew she would die if she stayed there. Then we were finally able to move her to Wildomar Assisted Living. They literally saved her life and my family agrees. At the beginning she did not even want to leave her room. But with the staffs constant encouragement and checking on her, she started coming out of her room. The rooms by the way are very nicely done. They are large enough for a seperate living room and bedroom with a small kitchenette. The facility is very clean and well maintained. She really enjoys the selection of food she can have and has no complaints there. She has started joining in on the activities. She says she can do as much as or little as she wants. She just loves the staff and I know they are the ones that made the transition easier for her. Her care is 5 star and she is thriving! Her health is actually better than it was when she lived at home. In fact, I don't think she would even want to go home at this point. She has made friends and Wildomar is a loving, happy place that has made her feel at home. The convenience she has such as seeing the Doctor to getting her hair done, even participating in church services has made her life so much easier! At Wildomar, she is actually getting care that is centered on her individual needs. I highly recommend  Wildomar Assisted Living!

 by Patti Smith
Daughter of Resident

My mom moved into Wildomar Senior Living, Assisted Living, 5 years ago. Before moving there she lived in a facility off Butterfield Stage Rd, in Temecula, that cost over $7000/month. Originally my sisters and I thought it was the best fit for our mother. It was big, pretty, and appeared to offer everything. I started noticing small thing, like her room was always dirty, medications on the floor (when we were paying for medication management), and rarely saw anyone that worked there. After 3 years we moved her to Wildomar Senior Living, Assisted living. Yes, it is smaller. But over the five years mom has lived there, it has been wonderful. She recently was diagnosed, by a Physician, with severe dementia. She required a lot more care. The cost is still less then half of what she was paying at the big fancy place, but with better care. The RN's, LVN's, CNA's, Administrators, EVERYONE is like a family. Mom loves it there. And I know that she is safe there. I highly recommend Wildomar Senior.

 by Marilyn Goodnight

My mom moved to Wildomar Senior Community in 2008. She said it was like moving to the country. The beautiful wild flowers, birds and a caring staff were very peaceful. Then came the time she needed more care and moved over to the Assisted Living, just down the sidewalk. I had the opportunity of staying with her 24/7 when her health declined. The staff was most accommodating, and the care givers treated her like their own mother. The nurses had such imagination encouraging her to take her medications. She was bedridden for two years, and not once did she have any bed sores. When family stays a length of time with a resident they see everything! The food was prepared with tasty flavor. The rooms were kept spotless. When there were problem issues, they were dealt with immediately. I would highly recommend Wildomar to anyone. My mom died July 20th. The nurses and staff were so helpful to me--up and above the call of duty

 by Debra Zahoran

My mom has been at Wildomar Senior for the past 6 or 7 years and she has loved it. The past 21 months she has been bedridden and she has not had one bed sore. She was well taken care of. She past away July 20th and the staff have been most kind and loving. I would recommend Wildomar Senior to anyone who is looking for a reputable place for their loved one.

 by Patricia Pesquera
Activity Director

I have been with Wildomar Senior for three years. It is the best Community I have ever worked for. We all work together as a team. Our Staff, Nurses and Caregivers are amazing! One can see that they truly care for our residents and want to give them their best.

 by Virgie Venegas

I have been working at Wildomar Senior Assisted Living for 17 years. The owners and the environment is truly family.
We have LVNs, RN, Med Tech, CNAs and Caregivers. All with a loving heart.

We are about making our residents lives pleasant, loving and safe.

I feel we are the BEST Assisted Living Facility in this area!!!

Virgie Venegas

 by Emily Ferrell
Just Like Family

I used to work here, and I have nothing but positive things to say. The residents became my family, and so did the staff. It's one of those place where you can walk in and immediately feel as if you're at home. It's a comfortable place with tons of friendly faces.

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