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There are 108 separate assisted living units. These units are private 1 bedroom 1 bath accommodations. Assisted Living units are generally for people who choose not to prepare meals and aren’t able to clean and maintain the units without help. Wildomar Senior Assisted Living is a wonderful alternative to premature placement into a nursing or convalescent facility.

The staff strives to keep the residents active and energized by providing a variety of activities great meals, housekeeping, laundry and transportation to shopping and doctors appointments. Basic utilities are included.

Also included in the monthly rental cost of the assisted living units are three meals a day, designed by our staff nutritionist. Everything is made fresh daily. The Food and Beverage team offers restaurant-style menus and dining, while still providing for the residents’ special dietary needs. They are always happy to make a favorite recipe for any of the residents as well. Each meal is served in our lovely “country club” style dining room by our full-service staff.

The activities program tailored to these residents is well thought out to keep residents physically active as well as utilizing all of their faculties. The more active and stimulated with activities, the longer our residents will remain happy and well-adjusted. Social interaction is heavily stressed.

Wildomar Senior Assisted Living: Assisted Living Apartments Serving Southern California

Welcome to Wildomar Senior Assisted Living, an assisted living community located in Wildomar,  and proudly serving residents of Murrieta, Temecula and surrounding Southern California areas. With independent living and assisted living programs, there is an ideal living situation for everyone. Our spacious, up to date living units and dedicated staff are what make us the premier assisted living community in Southern California. Contact us today to learn more!

Senior Housing / Assisted Living in Murrieta CAChoosing an assisted living community is an important decision, and we are dedicated to making your decision an easy one. Our modern assisted living apartments are the perfect choice for you or your loved ones and our staff takes pride in being available to our tenants whenever they need assistance. Have the peace of mind that you and your loved ones will be very well taken care of while living at Wildomar Senior Assisted Living. So if you have found yourself researching assisted living communities in California, you have come to the right place.

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